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Look for In GOD We Trust Production’s ‘Public Service Announcements promoting the Holy Bible’ on TV and over the internet! The .30 and .60 TV spots are aired on the Inspiration TV Network, the NRB Network, and on various networks in the Washington Metro area such as M-TV, CNN, Lifetime, Style, Bravo, (for those who have Comcast Cable-TV). They can also be viewed on YouTube over the web and right here on our website, (click the Multi-Media button on the menu bar above to view them).

Look for the Greater Than Gold TV series on cable-access TV stations as well on various networks around the nation. Greater Than Gold can be seen on the NRB Network on Direct-TV airing Tuesdays at 11pm. The Legacy TV network has also graciousley accepted Greater Than Gold for airing on their new network.

You can also view one of the Greater Than Gold Shows (entitled The Importance of Private Property) over the web on YouTube and another show here on our site (entitled The Truth About Abortion) by clicking the Multi-Media Button on the menu bar above.

NRB Network     NRB Network

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