Our Purpose

The purpose and mission of "In GOD We Trust Productions" is to promote the Holy Bible and the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST in and to the culture. The method of promotion is the media. The media moguls are the leaders in shaping the culture so our intent is to use their domain.

It is important to know the background and agendas of the writer(s), publisher(s), and producer(s), of school books and the major media, particularly TV news and entertainment; (movies/TV shows). Are these very few "elite" honest? Are they trusworthy? Are they moral? Do they tell the truth?

We should allow for those who make honest mistakes but what of those who intentinally lie and deceive to promote destructive agendas for their own or some political group's evil aims?

With our minds engulfed with such a tidal wave of information - and often misinformation and immorality - the question arises, Who do we trust?

The answer is ... In GOD We Trust!

So don't let them - these elite who control government, who control the education establishment, who control the major media - do your thinking for you!

And don't let the bad guys confuse you! Be anchored.

The Holy Scripture state, "Sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth."

Everything, let us repeat, everything, must be analyzed , trusted, and obeyed according to the Word of GOD, the Holy Bible, period, exclamation point.

In conclusion, we want to obey GOD's mandate to care for the spiritual needs of others. The greatest desire of the child of GOD is the highest good for his fellow man and the highest good is that he might be saved from sin and hell and become a child of GOD through JESUS CHRIST.


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