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The Truth About Affirmative Action

The words "Affirmative Action" sound positive and commendable, but is it really positive and commendable? What is affirmative action? It is a means to fight discrimination by favoring certain racial minority groups. But by fighting discrimination for one group of people, affirmative action discriminates against another group of people. The very thing affirmative action is fighting, discrimination against one race, is being used against another race.

Affirmative action favors and gives preferential treatment to Blacks, women and other minorities and at the same time discriminates against White men in school admissions and scholarships, in job placement and promotions, in loans and awarding of contracts.

Is this moral? The Holy Bible states, "And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise." - Luke 6:31. Affirmative action violates the Golden Rule of "loving your neighbor as yourself."

In fact, affirmative action violates many of the commands of GOD. It violates the 10th Commandment that declares, "Thou shalt not covet". It violates the 8th Commandment that declares, "Thou shalt not steal" because the job, promotion, contract, or scholarship are awarded to a person not based on talent or merit but awarded unfairly based on filling a racial quota. It violates the 9th Commandment that declares, "Thou shalt not bear false witness" because this action allows the gain of an advantage to which a person would not otherwise be entitled.

Affirmative action is promoted by organizations, education and the media, and is resolutely enforced by government agencies through intimidation, threats and strong-arm tactics that are a form of extortion. Where there is extortion, there is also corruption and injustice which is evidenced by the deliberate hurt and displacement of a race of people.

Why would any moral person, of any race, support affirmative action? If they believe in the GOD of the Holy Bible they should not, for it is a sin. And the Holy Bible declares all sin leads to failure, death and destruction.

Affirmative action is dangerous spiritually to those that support it, for it places Black advancement or Feminist advancement above the principles of GOD. And placing anything above GOD is idolatry, which is a grievous sin.

Many may say, well what about the past? Blacks were slaves, Blacks, women and minorities weren't allowed to vote. This is true. But should we go in the courts of law and prosecute a man living today for the actions of his great, great, grandfather who did something that was entirely legal then, but today is illegal, and punish this great, great grandson for actions he did not commit.

Furthermore slavery has existed since history began. In Africa, for example, slavery existed before the White man ever went there. The average Black person has more of a chance of having an ancestor who owned slaves than the average White person.

As for voting rights, no one, white or black, man or woman, could vote if you were illiterate, or did not own property. In terms of sheer numbers, more Whites were actually denied the right to vote.

Some may say what about discrimination of the past? Discrimination is a terrible thing. No one should be discriminated against because of their race or any other reason. It hurts. Each of us should be judged by our actions, merit and character. In America we are all deemed created equal, but we also are granted freedom. And this freedom should give us all the right to hire and associate with whom we please.

It is wrong and sinful to discriminate against Blacks on the basis of race. Just as it wrong and sinful, for the government, through affirmative action, to discriminate against Whites - even if it is to alleviate the past discrimination of Blacks.

The answer to discrimination is not found in affirmative action but in the truth of the Holy Bible. Each of us are created in GOD's image and therefore have value and great worth.

GOD loved each individual so much that HE sacrificed His only begotten Son to save from the wages of sin each person who believes on JESUS CHRIST.

Each of us is created with gifts and talents from the LORD. GOD only makes originals, HE never makes duplicates.

"You're precious, you're valuable, you're unique, you're one of a kind, there's no one else in the world like you. Think about that for a second." -Rosey Grier,

Let us put our faith in GOD, not in social engineering, to find our life's vocation. GOD loves us.

Furthermore, let us all love each other and carry one another's burdens, not hurt one another.

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