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The Truth About Values & Compromise

Truth and leadership in America have been substituted with polls and compromise. Polls are the prevailing opinion of a majority of people, but their opinion is no indication of truth. Polls can be orchestrated and fixed, and many times only indicate what the pollsters want to convey. Polls, therefore, very often mislead and cloud the truth. Polls are only right if they are morally right according to the Word of GOD, the Holy Bible.

A consensus is never a basis for truth. When, in the Holy Bible, the prophet Elijah stood on Mt. Carmel, he stood alone as GOD's representative. Elijah stood alone against hundreds of other so-called prophets who agreed theologically with each other, but Elijah was right and they were wrong. Elijah was right because he was a true prophet directed by GOD, the other prophets were false prophets and liars. The LORD GOD was against the false prophets because they were against the LORD GOD. GOD is in control. The Holy Bible declares in Psalm 47:7, "God is king of all the earth."

A person's understanding of accountability to GOD for his behavior helps restrain him from compromises of principle.

Compromise always leads to loss. When we compromise courage is lost, conviction departs.

The 2nd President of US, John Adams addressed the subject of compromise as related to himself and his position as a political leader, "Such compromises...of my honor, my country, my GOD, as the Scriptures inform us must be punished with nothing less than hell-fire, eternal torment; and this is so unequal a price to pay for the honors and profits from government...that I cannot prevail upon myself to think of compromising. The duration of future punishment terrifies me."

According to President Adams it was embracing the principle of not compromising your conviction which distinguished a statesman from a politician someone who does compromise principle. Leadership comes from above. Politicians would do well to understand they and all people are under GOD not under polls.

Along with and partly due to the comprising of conviction, values have replaced truth. When politicians or anyone speaks of values, a good question to ask is, Whose values?

In the 1846 Charleston v. Benjamin court case we read the answer given for the first 190 years of American history, but has been cast aside in recent years: "What constitutes the standards of good morals? Is it not Christianity? There certainly is none other. The day of moral virtue in which we live would, in an instant, if that standard were abolished, lapse into the dark and murky night of pagan immorality."

Today, that 1846 warning is becoming a reality. Values are found in cultivating every extreme. Much of Hollywood, the art world, academia and even the youth culture seek their meaning in life by seeking intoxication through drugs, sexual pleasure, violence and mystical and occult religion. They embrace pain - mutilating themselves to make a fashion statement and purposefully live outside the moral law found in the Holy Bible and in their consciences. Are these the values we want? Many people and politicians assume that cutting Christianity out of values makes our culture more advanced. The truth is that instead we become more primitive. We are now wearing bones through our noses with body piercing, cowering before sun gods in new age and earth religions, and sacrificing our children through abortion.

All values and religions are not the same, yet they get equal treatment and legitimacy from our leaders and culture. How wrong and how evil. The Holy Bible teaches narrow is the way that leads to life.

The Holy Bible is replete with men of GOD who were faced with the temptation of compromising GOD's commands, which, as they rightly understood it, would be to live apostate to GOD's will and live a lie, - They were faced with caving in to compromise at the cost of their lives. Joshua said, I care not what others may do but as for me and my house we will serve the LORD. The apostle Peter and the apostles of JESUS CHRIST said, we must serve and obey God not man. Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego told the king of Babylon that they would not bow down to a golden idol and break GOD's commandment. They were threatened and then thrown into a fiery furnace after they told the king, "If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods..."

By now we can see that the generic term values means nothing. Compromise means loss. Polls can be but mob mentality orchestrated by a biased, humanist media. There is only one true way of life to base principle, education, leadership and culture. It is found in the principles of the Holy Bible. All other ways are false and lead to death.

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