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The Truth About the School Shootings

The school shootings of students and teachers by fellow students in Colorado and around the country have left Americans disheartened, perplexed and asking why? Everyone agrees there is something drastically wrong in the US.

The astonishing thing is that those in government and cultural leadership are offering as remedies more of the same programs that brought us to this grievous state. Gun control and/or more self-esteem courses and/or more educational programs are lifted up as the answer to prevent any future school shootings.

Gun control advocates are once again using tragedy as an opportunity to proclaim their tired, you-know-what-they-are-going-to-say-before-they-say-it reasoning for gun control. It is literally insulting to the intelligence of the American public. There are hundreds of people murdered by knives, broken glass, rocks, sticks, and baseball bats each year.

Should we use their asinine reasoning to outlaw rocks and sticks? How about baseball bats?

Is it not illegal for high school students to make bombs and be in possession of automatic rifles? Isn't it already a very serious crime to murder in cold-blood? Isn't it already a heinous felony to attempt to murder an entire school population?

Are there not now more government education and self-esteem programs available than anytime in history?

To offer any of these as remedies to these senseless shootings is mis-leading, pathetic and dangerous.

Yet perhaps it is education at public schools that does hold part of the answer to the shootings and the thousands of other violent acts occurring in these schools. The cause is clear in these shootings and in the youth violence and crime that permeates our society. We as a nation - in our public school education, in the leaders we elect, in many of our movies, in much of our music, TV, pop culture, in the breakdown of our families have turned our faces against GOD.

Public schools have a huge responsiblility in teaching our children. Education plays a major role in shaping the thoughts of America's youth. The Holy Bible states, "For as a person thinks in his heart, so he is." Proverbs 23:7. It is therefore of utmost importance that curriculums and 'ways of thinking' taught to students should be based on truth and morality. Where is truth found? In John 17:7 we read, "Sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is Truth." In the Word of GOD, the Holy Bible is where truth is found. But GOD has been driven out of the public schools thereby creating a vacuum to be filled by cults of evil and violence.

Public schools are still proudly teaching situational ethics and moral relativism, which confuse children, making it difficult for many to determine right from wrong. If that weren't bad enough, they teach children they descend from monkeys instead of being created by GOD who will hold them accountable in the way that they live their life.

Who drove Biblical principle out of the public schools and every sphere of public life? Those that promote Separation of Church and State, groups such as the ACLU. They are, in part, to blame. Yet the culture wants to blame gun manufactures. How sad? What a lie!

After a few years of god-less schooling is it any wonder than many teenagers behave like animals?

Godlessness doesn't stop when a kid leaves school it increases!

Music for example is important to most teenagers. There are many musical groups promoted on TV, radio and in movies that are literally dangerous to a teenager's well being. One group, 'Marilyn Manson' has been named in each school shooting as one of the favorite bands of the student murderers. This is no coincidence. 'Marilyn Manson' boldly promotes satanism, death, suicide and hate. Yet no one wants to put any blame on 'Marilyn Manson' or their record label or MTV for putting this sewage on the airwaves. Yet at the same time, the prevailing culture will blame guns for this kind of tragedy. What a lie!

Popularity and being in style is important to most teenagers. In this area, TV and Hollywood decide who today's celebrities will be and even their image. They have a tremendous impact on what is popular and in style. TV and movie stars are admired by millions of teenagers and adults. Who do TV and Hollywood want teens to admire? Ellen Degeneres is an example of a new millenium 'star'. A lesbian actress who for two years promoted perverted sexual behavior weekly on her prime-time TV show. Lesbianinsm is an abomination according to the Word of GOD, the Holy Bible. It is also offensive to millions of people. When TV networks promote these kind of 'stars' and this kind of deplorable behavior they are culpable in helping destroy the moral and spiritual fiber that is necessary for a healthy nation.

From the student's viewpoint, what's the attraction of suicidally-depressing, satanic music and sexually perverted entertainment? Many in our culture, and especially the youth, are trying to break out of all restrictions including those found in the moral law and their conscience - to give themselves a meaningful life. They embrace pain - mutilating themselves to make a fashion statement, and purposefully cultivate despair. They seek intoxication through drugs, sexual pleasure, violence and occult religion. This is the mindset of much of Hollywood and permeates the youth culture. Goths, punks, Marilyn Manson followers are the persona of the student murderers.

By cutting out Biblical principle, and in particular Christianity, society and especially the youth are becoming more primitive, pagan and dark. Tolerance, moral relativism and a non-judgemental ethic have replaced truth and Biblical morality.

Death is all around.

Abortion is rampant! One out of three babies in the USA are killed by abortion. If life is not sacred in a mother's womb why is it sacred in a high school library? Life is precious because it is a gift of GOD and each of us are made in His Image. Accordingly each of us have worth and value.

The first and foremost refuge of child's well-being is his family. The family is a GOD-ordained institution designed for the protection and nurturing of the physical, emotional and spiritual health of children. At the beginning of the new millenium, the family is being torn apart from without and within. The average marriage now lasts 7.4 years and millions choose not bother with marriage at all. Parental authority is substituted by government regulations. It is now possible for rebellious children to pre-empt parental discipline by calling Child Protective Services and reporting their parents as child abusers.

The cure to all the death and tragedy is for us as a nation, and each of us individually, to come to GOD and to live by the principles and commands of the Holy Bible. Truth is not old fashioned or out of date, it never changes.

In II Chronicles 7:14, GOD gives this promise, "If my people, who are called by name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

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