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The Truth About Feminism

Basking in the media limelight are the National Organization of Women and their radical sisterhood. Feminists are given unusual respect and abundant attention by the media. Why? What do feminists stand for? They are strong proponents and fight for abortion, lesbianism, affirmative action, socialism, tolerance, diversity and sexual freedom.

At the same time, they fight against the institutions of Western civilization, especially traditional male establishments such as all-male schools and all-male professions. Are these worthy and good goals?

Lets briefly look at two of feminism's many targeted professions, the feminization of the military and the feminization of the Clergy. With the complicity of the media, the support of the current administration and enforcement by its government agencies and, of course, the financial provision of wealthy liberals, radical feminists have had a measure of success in achieving their goals of integrating these institutions.

Is this feminist integration good? It has only been good if you have the worst interest of the military and the Clergy in mind. The military is weaker and more divided than anytime in recent history. The Clergy who have abandoned the teachings of Scripture, which expressly state that women should not have authority over or teach men within the Church - have made their Churches, if they weren't already, apostate, which is to say false.

Radical feminists have a hostility to the military and dogmatic Christians. Why should their advice or pressure be even remotely considered by these institutions? It can only be that those in authority at these institutions are not acting in compliance with their oaths.

The Holy Bible declares the success of feminist indoctrination is short-term because virtually all of the tenets of feminism are contrary to the Holy Bible, which, simply stated, is sin. The Holy Bible states sin can't win and will most assuredly lead to failure and destruction, in general, and to the pain and spiritual death, (without repentance), of each individual.

It should also be stipulated, that feminism's hostility toward true Christianity does not extend to all religions. Many feminists are enthusiastic adherents to new age and occult religions -which also are anti-Christian.

Feminists especially decry another GOD-given institution beside the Church, the traditional family. Feminists denounce the Biblical understanding of marriage where wives are to submit to the servant leadership of their husbands and husbands are to love their wives as CHRIST loved the Church of which HE died for, - as domestic slavery. It is in fact the opposite. Marriage, as the Holy Bible declares, lift up both men and women leading to a happy and blessed life.

Radical feminists have an indifference toward men, in general, and a seething, malice towards men who adhere to Biblical principle, in particular. Even though some of these women have sons and brothers, and all of them have, or had, fathers and grandfathers, feminists abhor traditional fatherhood. Fatherhood as it has existed since the beginning of mankind, inscribed in human nature and described all through the Scripture is not tolerated by feminists. Yet, fathers, as the intensely loving provider and law-giver are so important to families, society and in relating to GOD, our Heavenly FATHER, that without fathers, in their proper Biblical role, society would crumble.

Feminists aren't confined to hating moral men, they also hate Bible-believing women. Concerned Women of America, an organization bigger in membership than the National Organization of Women, is an adversary to feminism, and considered an enemy because they adhere to Biblical principle. To further show their true colors, radical feminists even abhor traditional motherhood. In truth, traditional motherhood - the intense, tender, courageous and compassionate mediator of a child's first impressions, relations and experiences - is inexpressibly rewarding, worthwhile and imperative.

Feminists weaken and attack the marriage bond and the family, which without them, will destroy a society. They therefore are enemies of any nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, don't fall for their lies, radical feminism isn't nice nor is it liberating it is a sad, militant, hateful, unhappy life that will most assuredly lead to sin and misery for those that follow it.

In Proverbs 31:10, 30, of the Holy Bible states, "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised."

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