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The Truth About Tolerance

The United Nations Declaration of Principles of Tolerance states that, "Tolerance...involves the rejection of dogmaticism and absolutism." This is contrary to the Word of GOD. The Holy Bible has very definite and detailed moral law. This law, which is the Law of GOD, is dogmatic and absolute. It is black and white. This is exactly what tolerance opposes. According to the Holy Bible, the rejection of GOD's laws and the acceptance of moral relativism, which is the essence of tolerance - is a gross sin.

Tolerance claims to promote compassion and love of all, but it is really the Holy Bible that promotes true love and mercy.

GOD's principles found in the Holy Bible are life and blessing. Tolerance of any actions, thoughts, lifestyles, that are contrary to the principles of the Holy Bible, is sin. The truth about tolerance is that it is not a compassionate ideal as educators and the media promote - but is a lie. The fruit of the tolerance movement will most assuredly lead to death and destruction. Why? The Holy Bible states this is the outcome of all lies and sin.

There is a hypocrisy obvious in those that promote tolerance because being tolerant applies to all people except those who oppose immorality. The tolerant, then, become intolerant of Biblical morality and those that defend it. This is selective tolerance, which proves that the tolerance movement is a fraud whose real purpose, as we will see, is to promote an anti-Christian agenda.

In April '99 a Canadian radio host was fired for encouraging parents to oppose a gay advocacy course in the public schools. A university professor who supported the radio host is under inquiry and may also be fired. It seems, under the principle of tolerance, homosexuality, an activity once illegal to practice, is now illegal to criticize.

On Valentine's Day '94 a group of lesbian women stood inside the doorway of a Massachusetts elementary school handing out small bags of heart shaped candy. Along with the candy, they handed out leaflets that said, 'Lesbians are everywhere! Girls who love girls and women who love women are OK! Happy Valentine's Day." Parents were outraged. And no wonder the children who received the candy and leaflets were only 7, 8, and 9 years old. They came home confused and upset. As one mother put it, "It's not fair for someone to rob our children of their innocence." Lesbianism is an abomination in the Word of GOD, the Holy Bible, and should not be tolerated. Promoting this wicked lifestyle to children is intolerable and despicable. JESUS CHRIST declares in Matthew 18:6 of the Holy Bible, "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

In the name of tolerance, it is easier to get a divorce than break a car lease. Abortion, free condom distribution, pornography, affirmative action, profanity, attacks on western civilization, attacks on Christianity, free love, drug use, sexual perversion, Marxism, evolution are all to be tolerated but studying the Holy Bible and praying in school, promoting the principles of Western Civilization over any other philosophy, and any public expression of Christianity are not to be tolerated.

In New York's Bedford School District, where the Holy Bible and even discussing Christianity are off limits, children were taught in new age religion, satanism and the occult. In a field trip a young student was asked to lie on a grave. In an earth day ceremony the children were advised and did bring gifts through a ritual observance to the planet, and in an earth-day handbook students were instructed to pray to mother earth.

Those that promote tolerance ensnare many people who are kind-hearted. These well-intentioned folks desire to be kind to all and not offend those that are "different" than themselves. These examples should cure all of us of this attitude. Kindness is a good motive but when it leads to the hurt or death of others, it is time to stand up and fight tolerance. There is an expression coined by a Christian, the late Pastor Lee, " I would rather be cruel to be kind rather than be kind to be cruel."

This attitude of not wanting to offend can also permeate a Christian's walk to his detriment. For it may cause him to violate GOD's command of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others for fear of offending someone or to speak of hell or other subjects that may antagonize yet that are part of the full Gospel message.

One is actually being kind and courageous by fighting evil and telling everyone of the Good News of the Gospel - so JESUS CHRIST may be won in the hearts of those that are enslaved by their sin. Let us all fight tolerance and fight for the Truth with love and humility.

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