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Big Government is the Enemy - Not the Friend - of the Working Middle-Class Citizen


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Big Government

Big Government is the Enemy - Not the Friend - of the Working Middle-Class Citizen

The following letter was sent to the president of the International Fire Fighter Union who threw his support for John Kerry in 2004. Politically, no Christian should support any politician whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent who does not follow Biblical principle. The letter was revised on January 5, 2008.

International Fire Fighter
Letters Editor
1750 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20006

Dear President Schaitberger:

As a son of a retired DC firefighter, your choice of John Kerry for president is not in the best interests of firefighters or Americans.

Though I respect Mr. Kerry’s military service, he is a tax and spend liberal who believes in big government to socially engineer every area of our lives. The issues and programs Mr. Kerry espouses particularly injure middle class citizens who make up the entirety of your union.

The fact is, the bigger the government, the higher the tax burden, and the less freedom and opportunity is afforded its citizens. Your members’ enemy is, therefore, big government, the very thing Mr. Kerry spends his days enlarging. History proves that big government philosophies such as communism and socialism become so intrusive to its citizens that in every instance, they lead to tyranny where the people are either killed, impoverished, or carry heavy chains.

Mr. Kerry also supports affirmative action which targets white men for discrimination in hiring and promotion within the fire department and every sphere of life. Affirmative action injures your white members and their families by stealing their job or promotion. This immoral theft is a crime despite its enactment and enforcement by the government. It is, therefore, a “legal crime”. It is also discrimination. It penalizes white candidates not because of any lack of merit on their part but simply because of their race. Affirmative Action not only steals and discriminates but it also injures the entire citizenry of the United States by often times placing under-qualified individuals in positions of trust and authority. In the frequent life and death situations fire fighters are called upon to respond, unqualified or under-qualified individuals can cause or contribute to unnecessary injury and even loss of life.

On moral issues, Mr. Kerry supports abortion of which he claims is an important right to be protected, but if he confined the right of an abortion to just members of your union, there would be outrage. Why? Because abortion is murder and promotes death. Obviously, if you respect, support, and honor your fellow members you do not want to see their descendants die, their families injured, and their ranks demoralized. If you support the death of America’s children you either hate your fellow Americans or at the least are exploiting them for political gain.

Your support should be given to a man who best serves the interests of your members, Americans in general and who follows GOD and His Word. If you choose otherwise, this will only bring a curse on your union and our nation because GOD is the Source of all blessing, goodness, and liberty. To go against GOD’s Word is to go against GOD, no matter who you are.


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