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Selective Tolerance

An Example of Selective Tolerance and a Morals-Free Analysis which is Prevalent at all Levels in the Major Media

The following letter was sent to Consumer Reports Magazine on January 12, 2005. (Perhaps you would like to include your letter to them.)

Consumer Reports
101 Truman Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10703-1057

Dear Consumer Reports:

Congratulations on your reporting of birth control in the February 2005 issue.

Browsing through Your Comparative Guide to Contraceptives while eating a late dinner, it was a pleasure to read such gracious words as, “Prevents ovulation and thickens cervical mucus to prevent sperm from passing.” Your article really was so tastefully done especially for me while I was eating a meal. Thank you. Perhaps next month you can give a detailed report on the leading medical treatments for herpes, syphilis, and assorted other sexually transmitted diseases, which will be needed, in another refined and mannerly Consumer Reports Comparative Guide.

From a moral standpoint, your matter-of-fact reporting in aiding the consumer to choose everything and anything related to birth control, from condoms to abortion, was so family-friendly. The family values really came shining through; oh sure, perhaps not from a traditional standpoint, but if you happen to come from a pagan family, your article hit the target. Thank you so much for your morals-free analysis. It will help many Americans to snuff out or just plain abort their babies.

Here’s some suggestions for future issues: perhaps you can report on the ratings of the best euthanasia procedures, how to best commit suicide, the most active homosexual bars, and the best-of-the-best child molester web-sites. That would be so wonderful, too. Thank you for your consideration. (If any intolerant people complain just soak your articles in a lot of medical terms.)

It would be amiss of me not to also congratulate you on your consistent low ratings of American cars. It does not go unnoticed that it doesn’t matter to you that millions of Americans buy Chevy, Dodge, Ford trucks, SUV’s, and cars first and foremost, with satisfaction, because they’re made in America and in fact better made. It is wonderful that you do not go along with your fellow citizens but do your best to promote cars and trucks made outside of America. You guys are wonderful Americans. Thank you.

It is obvious that your magazine is tolerant of all people - whether the promiscuous, the prostitute, those that promote global trade at the expense of American jobs, and even the abortion doctor who aborts thousands of babies for profit – so perhaps you can also find space in your objective magazine to report on the best abstinence programs, the leading patriot organizations and the top pro-life groups for Americans to join. Oh I’m sorry, I forgot, tolerance never applies to virtuous, pro-American, Christian products and practices. I keep forgetting.


PS: Scott Peterson is the first person in a generation (30 years) to be prosecuted for killing an unborn baby. Hmmm, I have to think about that for a minute.

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