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Abominable and Destructive Practices

If you accept abominable and destructive practices, are you not injuring yourself, your loved ones, and your neighbors?

The following letter was e-mailed to a web-site that features royalty-free photographs to be purchased for use in brochures, web-sites, etc. The letter was revised on January 5, 2008.

Dear Sir,

I was going through your web-site trying to collect “family-friendly” family photos. I was enjoying the photos until I came across two lesbian women – in the family section - ready to engage in a kiss. That not only angered me but disgusted me.

Why in the world would you place this immoral, perverted behavior on your web-site? It goes against traditional family values. It goes against the Word of GOD, the Holy Bible, which calls this an abomination. As a Christian, it is a most despicable photo.

As a patriot, the photo also endorses a treasonous act which will bring about the destruction of any nation. History proves that any nation that sanctions and promotes homosexuality and lesbianism is destroyed from within. As someone who loves America, it is a most despicable photo.

As a matter of fact, all the major religions in the world deplore homosexuality and lesbianism. To promote this vileness not only offends me but many millions of others.

I called Liz from your office to express my views. She did not seem to care about my opinion or if I might be offended. Nor did she care if I represented perhaps thousands of potential clients that hold my views.

Liz said, “We will not take the photo off just because you want it off!”

Liz adamantly defended your decision to put this garbage on your site and could care a less if I was outraged by the placement and promotion of lesbian activity on your web-site.

I asked her, as I ask you now, “Will you allow neo-Nazis in your photo gallery?”

“How about Klansmen?”

She said, “No!”

If you, then, rightly keep neo-Nazis off of your photo gallery, why not keep despicable lesbian behavior off of it, too?

Liz countered, “We do not put anything that is illegal on our gallery.”

I asked her, “Would you have a photo of an abortion, which is legal at this time, on your site?”

She said, “No.”

I asked her, “Why not?”

The point being: If something is legal, does that make it right? The answer is no. For example, Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion provider in the world. There are now 45 million “legal” abortions performed globally each and every year. Again I ask you, sir, if something is legal, does that make it right?

Liz mentioned, “We do not use nudity on our site.”

This is commendable. I asked Liz, “Why do you not accept nudity?”

She gave no answer because she knew that her tolerance (tolerating lesbianism) rationale would be seen as it is, selective, making it obvious that it is a lie.

I hope you have the moral sensibilities to remove this photo and any others that promote homosexuality and lesbianism from your web-site. Know this: To go against GOD’s Word is to go against GOD. I would be interested in your decision.


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