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Be On Guard against Professional Sports!

The media generates over 50% of professional sports’ income making the media moguls those who exert the most control regarding the direction of professional sports.

The following letter was sent to the owner and president of the Washington DC professional basketball team on April 7, 2007. (Perhaps you would like to include your opinion to them.)

Abe Polin, Owner
Susan O’Malley, President
601 F Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20004

Dear Susan O’Malley,

I hope you might be interested in the opinion of a life-long Washingtonian.

The successful but outrageous effort, two or so years ago, to change the name of your basketball team from the “Bullets” to its current name is not in the best interest of anyone including yourself. Your and the media’s assessment that the name “Bullets” is a symbol for crime and violence, is, to me, so outrageous as to think, (if you really believe that nonsense), that you and the media must also believe silverware is responsible for obesity.

I’m pretty sure bullets are still inanimate objects. They have no power to move, commit crime, rob a 7-11, or shoot a teenager for his tennis shoes, on their own. It is true, bullets in the hands of bad people are bad things just as bullets in the hands of good people are good things. In the hands of good people, just the presence of bullets in guns, can save life, protect property, and fight crime. You apparently have forgotten the old adage, “Bullets don’t commit crime, NBA Basketball players, according to crime statistics, do!”

However, that is not the reason for my letter. The motivation for this letter is your organization’s decision to rename the team to its current name. Of the tens of thousands of words in the dictionary, your organization’s decision to use its current name is beyond belief. To choose a name that is according to the Holy Bible, sinful, satanic, and evil, must necessarily bring bad consequences to everyone associated with your team.

In Leviticus 20: 1,6, “And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying… And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a-whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people.” This is just one reference – regarding this subject - of others in the Holy Scriptures.

Why would you and your organization allow this? I discussed this with friends and one friend told me, “Calm down, Mike! Hey, it’s just a name. It means nothing to me. It’s just a word.”

Well, that may or may not be true, but my response was, “What about the name the Washington Nazis? Would they (you) change the name of the team to the “Nazis”? Would they (you) allow the team to have a symbol of a swastika or Adolf Hitler on their uniforms, gear, t-shirts, basketball-court, letterhead, etc.? Would fans say things like, Hey, are you going to the Nazis game tonight? The Nazis are doing good! I love the Nazis!”

Well you certainly would not do that, and rightly so. Words and symbols do mean things which people act upon.

Perhaps this letter might speak to your heart, funnier things have happened. If it does, it’s not too late to change the name again. Tell the media why you are doing so, and I’m sure many, many people will appreciate it and support your decision. Furthermore, you will have a good conscience in this matter before the One with whom all people have to do.

There are so many upbeat names that would be of positive effect. How about something like the “Washington Gentlemen” where you hire gentlemen who treat people with respect and behave on and off-the-court with humility and kindness? There are, as you would know, thousands of constructive and entertaining options.

I conclude with this truth: “To go against GOD’s Word is to go against GOD, no matter who you are”.


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