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One of the founders of In GOD We Trust Productions wrote a book entitled Taking A Bite Out of Evolution and sent a copy to an individual with a “Creation Institute”. This scientific organization aided the author to gather many scientific facts that were helpful to the author. However, the individual, who was the point person to the author, had a problem with the “tone” of the book. She felt the book was not written in love, nor did she think it was “gentle” to those who disagree with the Biblical account of creation. Though the following letter was never sent to her, it is, we believe, an important response that should be discussed amongst the Christian community.

Dear ______,

I wanted to reply to your e-mail. Thank you first for reading the book and the work ______ does to combat evolution and promote the Biblical account of creation.

I, of course, hoped that you (and all those who might read the book) would like it and by GOD’s Grace, be helped by it. I’m sorry you did not like the tone of the book. However, that’s not the reason for this letter. I have thought about your e-mail and wanted to respond because you brought up important points that should be discussed amongst the Christian community. People are, in my opinion, allowing themselves, for different reasons, to be misled by the culture. For example, we are told not to judge in the Holy Scriptures. This command must be obeyed. However, the culture takes that verse - much like satan did as he quoted Scripture - in an attempt to subvert its complete meaning. Many in the church follow the culture’s lead. They do not want to appear judgmental or intolerant so they do not speak out against evil. They do not compare Scripture with Scripture. In addition to “judge not lest ye be judged”, the Holy Bible states “ye shall know them by their fruit”. The Holy Scriptures also state to “abhor evil” and to “not be conformed to this world”. The Holy Bible thus commands that we are not to judge and to identify and hate evil while - all the while - proclaiming the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST . We are to be in the world but not of the world.

When those in the culture say - to those who fight against sin, - “who are you to judge?” A fitting response might be, “As a sinner saved by grace, I’m no judge. I’m called to be a witness.”

In your e-email you wrote that the “theory is false.” This is true. Evolution is surely false but it is more than that. It is also a vast evil that spreads a deadly poison in all areas of life. Evolution must then be fought against and held in contempt because its aim is to injure, subvert, demoralize and kill our neighbors. As you know we are commanded to love GOD with all of our heart, soul, strength, mind and being and to love our neighbors as ourselves. If we love our neighbors do we want to see them injured, subverted, demoralized, and even killed?

If, for example, you were in a nursery school with say fifty infants and toddlers playing on the floor, and a snake that you knew to be venomous, slithered in amongst the babies, and you had no time to call for help or get the kids out of the room, what would you do?

Option 1: kill the snake.

Option 2: ignore the snake.

Option 3: catch the snake and then release it out in the woods.

Option 4: run out of the room.

If you choose Option 1 you will have protected, in an act of love and bravery, the lives of the precious babies and possibly have saved one or more of their lives. If you choose Option 2 you would have continued to allow the snake to put in grave danger the lives of the infants. If you choose Option 3 the snake could very well return to the nursery in the future thus jeopardizing their lives again or go to some other place and put in danger the lives of your neighbors. If you choose Option 4, in an act of fear and cowardice, you would have saved your own skin but left in extreme jeopardy the babies.

Here’s another point to ponder: if four random individuals faced the same situation - on four different occasions - and one person killed the snake, the other ignored the snake, the third person caught and released the snake, and the fourth person ran away, who would you say, of the four, loved those children?

Can you guess what the snake represents? The snake in the example represents evolution. As I pointed out in the book, evolution jeopardizes the lives, both spiritually and physically, of hundreds of millions (if not billions) including many millions of children. If we love our neighbors, we should therefore destroy evolution! Should we not?

Now suppose, in the same example, we add a snake-handler to the mix. There is now a snake-handler, who is known to hate babies, that has intentionally brought in the venomous snake into the nursery school! What should be done to the snake-handler?

Option 1: the snake handler should be held, arrested, and severely sentenced for attempted murder. He should be considered insane, depraved, and wicked.

Option 2: the snake-handler should be ignored. He is tolerated (and even respected by many) and is allowed to succeed in his most heinous crime. The snake-handler goes on to attempt the murder of babies at other nursery schools. Other similar murders begin to occur around the nation.

Option 3: the snake-handler should be stopped from committing murder, detained, and then released without penalty. He goes on to promote the idea that murdering babies is a legal right. He is tolerated and has as much an equal standing - before the “law” - as any other citizen.

Option 4: the snake-handler should be permitted to do whatever he wants to do because he is considered to have as much “freedom” as anyone else in “a country like America”. He is left alone by the school. Teachers and school administrators allow the snake-handler and his snake to remain in school though they, themselves, keep a safe distance away. The snake-handler’s intended victims (babies) are thus left (physically) unprotected by those people (teachers, neighbors, police, media reporters, scientists, political leaders) who should protect them.

If we love our neighbors, the only moral and correct option is Option 1. Options 2, 3, and 4 do not value life nor do they show the love that is commanded in the Holy Bible. By ignoring and tolerating wickedness there is no distinction made between good and evil. This is a grievous sin. Those who do this, call evil, good and good, evil.

The snake-handler thus represents the evolutionist!

My scenarios are not just talk. On issues from the acceptance of evolution, to the acceptance of homosexuality, to the acceptance of abortion, to the acceptance of false religions, many people, who should know better, choose to ignore, tolerate, and/or accept wickedness.

Regarding evolution, why should we not expose the rank fraud of the “science” of evolution as well as exposing those who wickedly promote it?

Now we are commanded to “love our enemies and to pray for them”. What does love mean? If we love someone we want the highest good for that person. The highest good is that a person is saved. In your letter you wrote that love is humble and gentle. This is, of course, true but love must also be righteous and obedient to the commands of GOD. I intentionally mentioned and underlined the word “love” many times in this letter so you can see love applied and understand that love is manifested in many ways. If, for example, you love your child you need to discipline him. By punishing or spanking your child for wrongdoing, this may cause him to cry or to have his feelings hurt but it is done because you love him. You want the best for the child. You want him to be healthy and happy. You do not want him to grow up to be an unbeliever, a criminal, a pervert, a bum, a drug dealer, an abortionist, etc. so you try to lead him in a way that will benefit him.

Therefore, when we love and pray for our enemies, we do not pray that they succeed in some evil. In fact, when the enemies of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST are involved in or promote crime (or actions that once were crimes such as homosexuality, abortion, and evolution), we should pray (and work toward the day) that they should be stopped from committing and spreading their wickedness and that furthermore they should once again be punished by the law of the land. We should also pray that the enemies of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST may turn away from their evil and be saved. When the Gospel is presented to an individual, the person being witnessed to must understand sin, that he is a sinner, and that he is in desperate need of his sins to be redeemed by our Savior. This is loving our enemies, our neighbors, our children, our fellow Americans and in fact all people everywhere in the world - wanting the best for all of them.

By GOD’s Grace, if a criminal gets saved after he has been arrested for say a violent crime, he still must pay his debt to society. If he does not, the society will be corrupted.

I have debated in my mind whether to send this e-mail to you. It is not sent to argue who is right, you or I, but what is right. I’m deeply concerned about the direction of ______ if what you wrote in your e-mail to me is your leadership’s attitude. I hope you and your colleagues might prayerfully consider if what I just expressed to you is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

If there is some part of this letter that is not the truth please tell me. I would sincerely like to know.


Michael Lampiris

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