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Don’t let the media influence you and your family

The following example of Howard Stern is representative of what passes for much of TV programming today. Mr. Stern is just one of many media figures who promote blatant sin unashamedly and with the apparent aim to ensnare others into the bondage that is associated with wickedness.

In a sense, when a person watches say Howard Stern and his pornography TV show, that person has invited Howard Stern into his home. A Howard Stern viewer, not only allows a pornographer into his home, but immediately that viewer’s hands are figuratively tied by Mr. Stern.

A person who watches Mr. Stern on TV can not respond to him as he might respond in person, man to man. (In other words, you can not kick him out of your house as you could if Mr. Stern was an acquaintance from work invited to your home for dinner and once there unbeknownst to you, he and his girlfriends suddenly take their clothes off in front of your family.)

Mr. Stern can get away with much more sin through a TV audience. Mr. Stern is the boss, he and his producers dictate to you and your family what will be conveyed. As long as you watch him approvingly, you are in a sense submitting to him and accepting the sinful practices he is selling. If a person earnestly watches and accepts the show’s premise, he can become a captive viewer, in bondage to pornography and other deviant practices.

For all who watch him, Mr. Stern has the floor for the entire time a person allows his image into his home. There are no arguments or pleas from you that will be heard. Mr. Stern just comes in and manipulates you and your family.

It may be time for Americans to throw their TV’s out the window!

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