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Zimbabwe’s Racist, Government-Sponsored Genocide

In one of “Greater Than Gold’s” programs, the topic of government-sponsored genocide taking place today in Zimbabwe is addressed. An honest, hard-working minority is being persecuted, displaced, and killed because of their race. It is an outrage that should be fought against by those in the United States and around the world.

On August 31, 2002, the current Ambassador of Zimbabwe, Simbi Mubako, wrote a letter that was published in the Washington Times. The letter, most heinously, defended the genocidal actions of the Zimbabwe government. The letter was a lie. We have written a response to his letter.

Perhaps our letter may help bring those innocent men, women and children who are being persecuted, aid.

May GOD bless them.

The Letter

I am writing in response to Zimbabwe Ambassador Simbi V. Mubako’s galling letter defending the criminal actions of his government against its white citizens.

Apparently, words in the English language have different meanings in Zimbabwe than elsewhere in the English-speaking world. Ambassador Mubako calls the stealing of white-owned land, “land reform”. The correct name for it, though, is genocide. This “land reform” involves the displacement of white families from their homes, the beatings, stabbings, and murder of whites including women and children, the stripping of basic human rights - including the right to property, the right to work, the right to live in your own home, the right to raise a family, and the right to equal justice.

Is it really genocide?

Ambassador Mubako argues it is not genocide, it’s reformation. The picture painted is that Black Zimbabweans are not stealing the homes and farms of Whites, they’re involved in a worthwhile government-initiated activity, sort of like community service.

Ambassador Mubako writes “Zimbabwe’s land reform” is a “perfectly legal, fair and transparent” process. He himself was “offered just 267 acres” of white-owned land. And even though he “saw the farm last December” and it was in bad shape, “it was wholly under soybeans”, he is going to push ahead and accept the farm. What an act of kindness!

If a person can not read between the lines and see the truth of what is going on in Zimbabwe, read the words of Ambassador Mubako’s boss, President Robert Mugabe, his public statement is clear enough. President Mugabe said, "Our party must continue to strike fear in the heart of the white man, our real enemy. They think because they are white, they have a divine right to our resources. Not here. Never again." (Source: Washington Times 12/15/2000)

What is behind this hatred and criminality?

Ambassador Mubako explains “Zimbabwe’s land reform” is justified because it is based on the principle of “abolishing the colonial legacy of racial privilege”.

Is this explanation at all reasonable? Was White Colonialism that bad? It was just the opposite.

White colonialism, from its inception, was synonymous with the Gospel message and JESUS CHRIST's command , "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations" – Matthew 28:19

The famous 19th Century Christian missionary to Africa, David Livingstone said "I go back to Africa to try to make an open path for commerce and Christianity..."

The highest motivation of White Colonialism was to plant Christian colonies throughout the world. This is of the greatest good.

White Colonialism also brought three or four common languages to the continent, instead of the 1,000 different languages that was prevalent then and now. This brought communication instead of chaos.

White Colonialism produced business and agriculture, order and infrastructure, education and technology to a higher degree than existed before anywhere in Africa.

This exponentially lifted Africa’s standard of living for all people. White Colonialism brought about another very important good which had not previously existed to any extent, the written word, which in its best use brought GOD’s Word the Holy Bible. Those Christian doctrines found in the Holy Bible helped fight, for example, polygamy, cannibalism and other sinful destructive behaviors which Christianity and White Colonialism worked to dismantle. Even slavery in Africa, which existed prior to White Colonialism, was eventually stamped out because of the influence of Western Civilization.

What could possibly be wrong about that?

To target Whites for displacement because of Colonialism, is an outrageous farce. It is unjust, a lie and a false remedy planned with malice and hatred.

Good people of all races should work urgently to put an end to Zimbabwe’s idea of land reform.


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