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The “Judge Not” Ethic Properly Defined

The following letter was sent to the Letter-To-The-Editor of the Washington Times Newspaper during Easter 2004. Though not published, we think it is worth a read.

Dear Stephanie,

Happy Easter! Hope you’re doing well. I have taken a bit of my Easter weekend to respond to a letter I read by a George Donadini on Saturday. Hope you can print it.

The Letter

In an April 10th letter entitled Lest ye be judged, Mr. George Donadini writes “how dare the archbishop of Boston judge another person’s conscience” by not allowing John Kerry to receive Holy Communion because of his support of abortion.

Mr. Donadini reasons that a person’s conscience is the guiding principle in Christian worship superceding even the Commands of GOD. Mr. Donadoni concludes his letter by stating in no uncertain terms, “No person, whatever his rank, has the right to judge the state of another person’s conscience.”

This judge-not, tolerance ethic that Mr. Donadini and our morals-free culture embrace is of course selective. In the very letter Mr. Donadini argues “no person has the right to judge”, he himself judges the conscience of Boston Archbishop Sean O’Malley. Mr. Donadini not only judges Archbishop O’Malley’s conscience but also shows disrespect to him by calling his biblically-correct stand, “theological nonsense”.

Allow me to return the sentiments: How dare Mr. Kerry and those who support abortion, expect to receive Holy Communion when contrary to GOD’s Commands, they give tacit approval to the bloody practice of abortion which has caused the murder of over forty million pre-born babies in the U.S.

To justify Mr. Kerry’s abortion position, Mr. Donadini writes that many “confuse pro-choice with pro-abortion, they are not the same.” That statement, of course, is a half-truth, so therefore it is not the whole truth, which makes it a lie. It is correct to say pro-choice is not semantically pro-abortion but pro-choice is still 100% supportive of abortion.

If you replace the word ‘abortion’ with ‘pre-meditated murder’ and proclaim as John Kerry states publicly about abortion, I personally believe in choice, if someone is in a crisis, he should be allowed to murder another person without penalty, as long as his conscience feels it’s the right thing to do. It could not be any clearer; pro-choice is pro-abortion and pro-abortion is pro-murder. The ugly truth is that the words ‘abortion’ and ‘pre-meditated murder’ in the above example can be used interchangeably, there is no difference.

There also is a distinction between being welcomed in church and receiving Holy Communion. All of us are sinners and may attend church, but when one receives Holy Communion a person must repent of his sins (turn away from them) and trust in the Blood of JESUS CHRIST for the actual remission of sin to have Communion with the Holy LORD.

To answer questions of Christian worship, one does not rely on a person’s conscience, as Mr. Donadoni suggests, because a person’s conscience can be warped, but only on the Word of GOD, the Holy Bible, which is perfect. The Holy Bible clearly states that abortion is a grievous sin. Secondly, the Holy Bible warns that anyone who receives Holy Communion unworthily, faces damnation.

In the case of Mr. Kerry, he would be welcomed with great joy to receive Holy Communion (as would anyone), if he would repent of his sins (including his support of abortion) trusting the LORD JESUS CHRIST to take away his sins. It would be a great blessing on the world if all of our leaders would truly work toward holiness and following GOD’s Will as set forth in the Holy Bible. If abortion was overturned for example it would mean life for millions of fellow human beings, by GOD’s Grace.


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